Bai Edwin Eriata Oribhabor

If there’s any item the woman cherishes so dearly, it’s her handbag. Its No 1 position in the various fashion collections of the woman remains unshaken (kankpe). The overwhelming importance of the GSM handset has not changed this because the safety of the handset itself lies in the handbag that houses it alongside so many smol smol tins men are hardly allowed to see.

Recently, I read a story of how a 34 year old mother dropped her baby with a staff of a Cafe whom she knew so well in pursuit of another woman that had snatched her hand bag. I was not surprised. According to the story, the woman got back her handbag after she had successfully done a race of her life like the famous 100m sprinter, Ben Johnson. Women’s love for handbags cannot be overemphasized. A hand bag gift to one’s wife/sister or a loved one will always be appreciated because it eventually complements/match up with one of the numerous wears in her wardrobe. A proof of the strategic importance of the handbag in the life of the woman is further testified to by the care and attention she gives to it. This is the more reason why a man may have bought his wife a handbag, but would have no powers of dipping his hands in it. Of course, the woman would always cuddle her handbag like a mother does to her baby. A woman who will always clutch on to her handbag as if inside of it lies a talisman with the powers of making her disappear jos in kes egbe gas.

Like every other thing, handbags are of different quality, shapes, colour and sizes. I love handbags especially the designer types patterned from genuine exotic leathers. You could speculate a lot about the likes and dislikes of a woman from the handbags she carries from time to time. One of the barometers for reading the social status of women is their handbags. But rememba se tu mosh of eviritin is bad. It is for this reason that one will never support the woman we neva fit chop beleful, bot go de bai han bag we pas im pawa bikos of fashon.

I always appreciate quality handbags whenever I find one. Most times, I do take it to the next level by asking anyone to sho mi hau to get koret bag fo mai waif. The sophistication of handbags normally fires the thirst to want to buy more.

With her handbag, a woman derives additional confidence as she cat-walks majestically. Without the handbag, the woman will hardly be composed for the day’s activities. I once had a female boss who on two occasions returned back home just to pick up her handbag which she forgot. I wholeheartedly supported her action for as long as it makes her day a complete one. Handbags are a major factor in the smiles you see on the faces of ladies. It complements everything you call beauty and fashion plos ol di amebo that goes with it.

Handbag and han bag are one and the same; meaning a worthy companion. The former is English while the later is Pidgin. If a man attends a party/social function without a female companion, he may be asked “wie yo han bag?”. In Pidgin, the woman alone was once addressed as a han bag but nowadays, men are also addressed in like manner by women. And so, fo anoda levul (in other words), mai han bag means my companion weda na man or na wuman.

For the simple fact that the woman’s handbag is a no-go area, women wit long trot and fraudulent tendencies always hideaway things in it. For example, at various social functions, some women do tek ewe bai fos bai faya and are known to come along with denjaros four or five in one handbags jos to pak fud an difren difren tins. And like a disease, it is common with women irrespective of class. Charity begins at home, we are told.

Recently I heard that ladies wanting to du kwanagida (stay overnight) with their male partners usually go with specialised handbags; capable of holding clothing that could last them for as long as they wanted to stay out. Thus, such bags are said to be called kwanagida bags. The handbag plays multifunctional roles to the woman and helps in keeping all kinds of purses where other smaller items are kept.

Just like you can speculate on the class and level of sophistication of a woman from the handbag she carries, you could also speak of the woman’s level of tidiness. I had come across women who would always search for one thing or the other in their bags without success. Only then, would they manej to alau another female to assist. They do this on a daily basis including picking the wrong bag most of the time. “Oh I have taken the wrong bag. What I wanted is in my other bag I left at home”, is a common statement you hear from women who are largely disorganised.

Look around you, han bag ful evri wie bot yo veri han bag na im bi yo waif, your better half, the one you truly love, your one and only yori yori. Have you ever bothered about the importance of a hand bag in the life of a woman? Have you ever bought yo veri han bag a han bag? Why not give it a try today as in celebration of NAIJA @ 50 or on her birthday.

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(Received 27/09/2010 — Posted 02/10/2010)

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