"Dis man of God sef" - 1

bai Edwin Eriata Oribhabor, Naija Langwej Promoter, Abuja-Naijiria

"Man of God – (MOG)" is a popular coinage in Nigeria. Like most coinages in this country, it is difficult to say who was behind it. However, there’s no gainsaying the fact that without being in the spirit, it will be difficult to be blessed with the ingenuity of creating a piece of a religious epithet like this. This leaves me with a strong feeling that the concerned must have dug deep into the "world of the spirits" to arrive at it. Whenever one hears it, one is wont to take a ride into the realm of spiritual imaginations that may combine to condition one into reasoning in error that man’s abilities are comparable to that of God the Almighty, the Omnipresent and Omnipotent. You tend to imagine that Man could play God. On coming in contact with any one so addressed, you are most likely going to say to yourself; so this is the Man of God? You are tempted to want to touch his apparel, suit or agbada to have the blessings of His Majesty, di du-wa an du-wi, the agbadagbururu of di whole universe. You are revved up; "Man of God"; the first amongst equals? No! The one above all mortals? Yes! The representative of God Almighty? Yes! Whoever underrates him does so at his/her own peril, one speaks in the inside.

I may not have adequately expressed who a "Man of God" is. If you are worshipping with one of those churches where "Men of God" are actually the ‘‘god’’ that the worshippers worship, you will agree with me that they are peculiar beings and some of them even arrogate spiritual and physical powers unto themselves. Unfortunately, and to worsen situation of things, some get involved in various underhand dealings to achieve a ceaseless flow of "god’s anointing" until Jesus’s coming. So they say. Who are you to think or speak otherwise? You must be super human to say "dis awa Man of God get smol koma". Yu fit "sleep" no wek op. Na God’s pawa de wok. "God’s wrath" shall be upon you. Yu wan trai "God".

I am spiritually influenced to write these lines because, some "Men of God" seem to arm-twist members of their congregations to believe that their ways are the ways of God. During worship sessions, this category of supposed "Men of God" shout and curse the God they claim to hold in high esteem without a display of an iota of reverence. Someone will opun his maut nau to se, let no one judge another. Yes, we are told for the umpteenth time that only God is the judge. I take it that He is the final judge. Why can’t we speak and judge each other to put things in proper perspective? Join me in judging the following and see whether the one who calls himself a "Man of God" truly deserve to be so addressed.

Miss Dickson Abdullahi is a young, beautiful, single and searching lady. She has a diploma and two degrees but currently unemployed. Her friend asked her to join her for a special prayer session in the home of a "Man of God" who sees and tells the future of any one lucky to be in his presence. A date was fixed. The appointment was made. Immediately the "Man of God" sighted her, he began to speak in wondrous unintelligible tongues. The lady was rather amused than moved by this popular antics common with most "Men of God". She was invited to come straight into his private room reserved for special members so she was told. He sat on the bed while the lady sat on a seat just by the door jos inkes of inkesiti. He looked straight into her eyes and said the following; "your situation is simple. Your prayer will be answered. God is speaking to me right now. Hold on for a moment." Absolute quiet took over the entire room. The "Holy Spirit" was supposedly moving around to grant the "Man of God" the right ambience to handle the case at hand. She kept mute but constantly peered into the eyes of his host as if to say; I too can be in the spirit. She played along in what will simply pass for a game of spiritual wits. Unknown to this so-called "Man of God", she had met a lady that was not going to fall mugu to any one let alone a "Man of God" who seem not to have the spiritual capacity to handle his personal challenges. Suddenly, the "Man of God" began to speak in the language of ordinary mortals.

Initially, he started by using what we call big big grama or high falutin words quoting different portions of the bible. Several times, he fumbled. The lady helped him out to conclude verses he found problematic in concluding. She apparently understood the bible as much as the "Man of God" or better off. He stood up, walked pensively around the room looking into the ceiling. He murmured on end. At this time, the lady got up and walked around with him. While he murmured, she rendered songs of praise to God Almighty. She prayed quietly to God Almighty to expose this man who claimed to be His representative here on earth. Suddenly, the "Man of God" chenj levul to Naija langwej speaking in korekt pidgin. He said; dis na di taim fo mi to tok wetin de fo mai maind. Dis na di taim, he repeated. Di holi spirit don kom daun; he added. She responded thus; "Man of God", abeg go ahead.

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