Bai faya, bai fos berekete

bai Edwin Eriata Oribhabor

The current comedy album of Gordons, a popular comedian in Nigeria, is titled “Halleluyah.” In this album, packed full of thrilling “comedic-releases,” he repeatedly mentioned that his comedy “ministry” is on the move. This could be translated to mean that, his art of providing “alternative therapy for stress and high blood pressure” is taking a positive turn as he smiles to the bank in confidence. Like Gordons, Men-of-God in charge of different congregations all over the country, spend quality “spiritual times” of prayer and hard work towards taking their various ministries to higher levels of spiritual and financial standing. While the comedian’s “therapeutic messages” could be traced to his individual “creative ministry,” that of the Men-of-God, comes from the “ministry of the word of God.” Since the negative handiwork of the “devil” must be checked at all cost, various Men-of-God are placed between the “devilish” rock and the deep blue sea. The evolving scenario in this situation has led to a new wave approach to worship, popularly called bai faya bai fos ; another word for do-or-die.

Using the divine talent of weaving jokes from a wide-range of issues, comedians like Gordons dig deep into his creative “store house” to give his audience happiness and stress-free living. Unless this is done, he fades away and become irrelevant to his audience. Therefore, bai faya bai fos , he has to work harder to remain in the market. The extra effort one puts towards achieving a goal, backed by a “no failure” mentality, is what is being referred to as bai faya bai fos . However, it is largely associated with Christians who are notorious for the promotion of “Mai God na mirakul God” and all forms of aggressiveness to religious matters. The allusion of some people is that the propagation of the doctrine of “financial freedom” is usually at the expense of “spiritual emancipation.”

Whenever you hear a Christian say Awa God no de slak, he may belong to a congregation whose members are at liberty to speak with the Almighty God as co-equals. The popular belief in this regard is that, if yu du sme sme, yu go jam suwegbe God. If du koret, yu go jam God of shap shap . You can determine the one you choose to have dealings with.

The mantra of bai faya, bai fos is also engendered by the erroneous impression that Di mo yu shaut, di mo blesin yu go get.” Against this background, the “God of mirakul” is expected to shower miracles on His “devotees” at all costs. Relieving his experience in a church service he attended recently, a comedian said, “No bi smol tin. As a enta di chosh, na im a hie dem de se “God na awa padi, i most du am fo os dis taim”.

The Holy Bible strongly speak against passing judgment on fellow Christians by Christians but there are Christians who speak with finality that, “Di pesin we de slak fo chosh mata no go get pakin spes fo hevun.” This group believes that a regular attendance of church is a guarantee to heaven? Proponents of the doctrine of “must attend church every Sunday” commonly make comments like; “Sunday na fo God”, “Na onli tode na im yu get to giv God tank yu fo wetin i de du fo yu” etc.

An interesting aspect of this discuss is that, it has become fashionable for most Men-of-God to add the word “fire” to the name of their churches to probably attract new members as well as fire the activities of their ministries. The success story of the Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries Church may be directly or indirectly responsible for the foundation of churches like; Hurricane Miracle Ministry, Healing Tsunami Ministry, Satan in Trouble Ministry, Fire for Fire Ministry an ol di faya faya, faya faya ministry dem fo Naija.

If you are moved by the “spirit” behind this piece, please begin to imagine that your “salvation” lies in no other place but a “faya chosh” which the Almighty God will reveal as you keep firing up your imagination. Welcome to “Bai faya, bai fos berekete ministry.”

Mr Oribhabor is a Promoter of Naija (aka Nigerian Pidgin) residing in Abuja

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