Fellow of the month

Salomé Okoekpen studying and drawing Muslim women’s engagement


"With my drawings, I have no interest in reproducing an exact ‘reality’ but in transmitting a lived experience, so it is less about exactitude and precision than narration and emotions. I see this tool as useful/necessary in my research practice: it completes my daily note taking, it is reflexive, since I include myself in the drawings."

Salomé Isibhenmen Okoekpen, a PhD student from the Global Studies Institute in the University of Geneva (Switzerland), currently hosted as a guest researcher at IFRA-Nigeria, shares in this interview about her research in anthropology on Muslim women’s engagement in religious associations and/or organisations in rural towns of  South-West Nigeria which includes drawings as a method.  


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December 2020 - Bimbo Stanley Omopo

BimboOmopo FELLOWInterview of the Fellow of the month

 December 2020 - Bimbo Stanley Omopo (postgraduate in Anthropology, at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan.)

"These experiences, without mincing words, have equipped me with the necessary skills to conduct socio-anthropological fieldwork."


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November 2020 - Amaechi Henry Okafor

Amaechi Okafor FELLOWInterview of the Fellow of the month

 November 2020 - Amaechi Henry Okafor (PhD candidate at the Department of History, Concordia University, Canada)

"It takes a lot to put out a good finding, give it all it takes to leave a mark. As a researcher be open to guidance, criticism and corrections because they will decide how far you can go in the Academia.  ."



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October 2020 - Ayoola Fakunmoju

AyoolaFakunmojuFELLOWInterview of the Fellow of the month

 October 2020 - Ayoola Jo-Anne Fakunmoju (MSc student at the Department of Sociology, University of Ibadan)

"I have greatly been impacted through these seminars and workshops and been exposed to researchers with diverse and complementary perspectives. I have learnt about diversity in the field of research and gained expertise in qualitative research which has been put into practice."


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September 2020 - Omomayowa Olawale Abati

Abati OmomayowaFELLOWInterview of the Fellow of the month

 September 2020 - Omomayowa Olawale Abati (Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Political Science, Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch, South Africa)

"I have equally benefited from the vast peer support network of junior and senior researchers at IFRA-Nigeria. The importance of this kind of peer support network is that they make the graduate school experience productive, enjoyable and rewarding."

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August 2020 - Janet Ogundairo

Janet A. OgundairoFELLOWInterview of the Fellow of the month

 August 2020 - Janet Ogundairo (PhD student at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of the Social Sciences, University of Ibadan)

"Do not be discouraged by rejections because it is part of the journey to becoming successful. Position yourself and engage on platforms such as conferences, seminars to share your ideas, gain more knowledge and network."

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July 2020 - Precious Diagboya

PreciousDiagboya FELLOWInterview of the Fellow of the month

   Juy 2020 - Precious Diagboya (PhD candidate at the Department of Philosophy, University of Ibadan, Nigeria)

"Rejections in research do not mean the doors are closed, it simply means there are other doors you could try, so keep knocking. Always remember that opportunities abound, so look for them."


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June 2020 - Terhemen AGABO

TerhemenAgabo FELLOWInterview of the Fellow of the month

   June 2020 - Terhemen Agabo (Master student at the Department of Economics, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria)

"Coming from an economics background where quantitative methodology is the norm I had to learn how to use a qualitative methodology and I found it challenging in the beginning (...) However, I have come to admire the strength of qualitative methodology."

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May 2020 - Lateef Aremu OLALEKAN

LateefAremuOLALEKAN FELLOWInterview of the Fellow of the month

   May 2020 - Lateef Aremu Olalekan (PhD candidate at the Department of political science, University of Ibadan, Nigeria)

"I am a junior researcher myself, so my advice to myself and my fellow early PhDs is to keep going, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The end always justifies the struggle."

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April 2020 - Adedeji ADEBAYO

Adebayo FELLOW
 Interview of the Fellow of the month

   April 2020 - Adedeji Adebayo (PhD candidate at the Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria)

"Seek help; it gets better when you share your challenges with the right people."

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March 2020 - James OKOLIE-OSEMENE

JamesFELLOW Interview of the Fellow of the month

 March 2020 - James Okolie-Osemene (PhD candidate, at the Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies,   University of Ibadan, Nigeria)

"Junior researchers should attend conferences and workshop to present their findings. [...] They should not wait to be invited to serve but create opportunities for learning, accept corrections and be humble themselves."

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February 2020 - Adéjọkẹ́ Rafiat ADÉTÒRÒ

Interview of the Fellow of the month

February 2020 : Adéjọkẹ́ Rafiat ADÉTÒRÒ, PhD candidate at the Department of History, University of Ibadan

"Beyond helping hone your research skills, learning and interacting with senior academics from diverse fields and regions. This fellowship has afforded me a local, transnational and international research network with peers and early-career scholars from various disciplines."

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January 2020 - Oluwaseun Williams

Interview of the Fellow of the month

January 2020 : Oluwaseun Williams, PhD candidate at the Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland.

"By all means, endeavour to take maximum advantage of every opportunity for training, research, funding and other kinds of stuff provided by IFRA-Nigeria and other establishments."

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