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Call for research projects 2024-2025 / Appel à projets de recherche 2024-2025

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This call is adressed to Masters Students - Doctoral Students - Post-Doctoral Students - Researchers

IFRA-Nigeria - French Institute for Research in Africa located within the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan (UMIFRE 24 /CNRS and MEAE) has a regional vocation that extends over ten West African countries: Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Niger, Chad and Togo. It promotes and supports research in the humanities and social sciences in Nigeria and in the other aforementioned countries.

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Call for applications: WomatWork

Capture décran 2024 02 07 171310The European Union-funded project “Women at work: for a comparative history of African female urban professions (Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, Ghana) 1920-1970” (WomatWork) invites applications for research and fieldwork grants aimed to support Master students, PhD candidates, and postdocs interested in the history of women of popular classes working in urban professions during the colonial and early post-colonial periods in Africa (1920-1970). The selected candidates will present their results at a summer school that will take place in Addis Ababa from 7 to 15 October 2024. Details about the application process available below.

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SSHN grant stories

600The Higher Education, Research and Innovation Department (ESRI) of the Nigerian French Embassy is funding mobility grants for researchers, doctoral students and post-doctoral students in Nigeria. These SSHN (Séjours scientifiques de Haut Niveau/ High-level scientific stays) grants allowed several researchers to go to France in 2023. This article gather interviews they gave about their trips.

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Call for application: AACTING Project (Act Against Child Trafficking In Nigeria)

Logo EcpatAACTING (Act Against Child Trafficking In NiGeria) is a three year project run by ECPAT France, ECPAT Luxemburg, IFRA Nigeria, Girls Power Initiative and UROMI JDPCI in two Nigerian States. Its’ overarching objective is to contribute to reducing the prevalence of child trafficking, particularly for the purpose of sexual exploitation (CSE) in Edo and Delta States. This is an Action Research Project run by ECPAT France, GPI, JDPCI & IFRA-Nigeria with ECPAT International collaboration,

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NIGERIA : la fabrique de la malédiction du pétrole dans le delta du Niger

Image1Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos est directeur de recherche à l’Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD), il travaille sur les conflits armés notamment au Nigeria ou il dirige le programme Nigeria Watch. Il a récemment publié un nouveau livre « NIGERIA : la fabrique de la malédiction du pétrole dans le delta du Niger » en partenariat avec l’IFRA-Nigeria. Ci-dessous, une présentation de l’ouvrage.

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Symposium : Italian Society of Applied Anthropology

logo siaa orizzDr Sa’eed Husaini of the Centre for Democray and Development (CDD), Abuja, participated in the Symposium of the Italian Society of Applied Anthropology. The Symposium was held in Perugia in December (14th-16th) and was focused upon ‘Social Uses of Anthropology: Heritage, Health and Territories’. Dr Husaini presented the work of the Socialist Library and Archives (SOLAR) and CDD within IFRA's Heritage research program (FSPI).

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Conference: Architecture for the people

WhatsApp Image 2023 12 04 at 11.54.44On the 1st of december, IFRA-Nigeria in collaboration with the French embassy in Nigeria organised a Conference at the Alliance Française in Lagos titled "Architecture for the people: for an inclusive and rooted city". The main guest of the event was Demas Nwoko who talked about sustainability, African architecture and the vision he communicated in his work in a discussion with Dr Barbara Morovich, director of IFRA-Nigeria. The recording of the full event is available here.

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Methodological seminar - Elodie Apard, Precious Diagboya, Janet Ogundairo

407467287 858871919358621 8397599475541030071 nBetween the 29th and the 30th of November, Dr. Elodie Apard, Historian (Research Institute for Sustainable Development), Dr. Precious Diagboya, Philosopher  (IFRA-Nigeria Senior Research Fellow), and Janet Ogundairo, PhD Candidate in Sociology (University of Ibadan) animated a seminar titled: Doing research from where (and who) we are: the use of reflexivity and positionality in Social Sciences and Humanities.

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Workshop : Digitising Religious Architectural Heritage in Ibadan (3D modelling)

Image3Between the 6th and the 9th of November, IFRA-Nigeria organised a training in photogrammetry and 3D modelling as part of its research project on the religious architectural heritage of Ibadan. The training was provided by Marjorie Coulin, an Engineer at ICONEM. Founded in 2013, Iconem is an innovative French startup that specialises in the digitisation of endangered cultural heritage sites in 3D.

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Methodological seminar - Gernot Klantschnig, Ediomo-Ubong Nelson, Janet Ogundairo

Photo 1On the 16th of November, Gernot Klantschnig, Ediomo-Ubong Nelson and Janet Ogundairo gave a methological seminar shedding light on the ethical considerations and methodological obstacles researchers may encounter while doing sensitive research, with the goal of contributing to the knowledge necessary to navigate the intricate terrain of studying illicit activities and building capacity to conduct academically rigorous research with far-reaching policy and governance implications.

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Methodological Seminar – Katharina Oke

Illustration 1 koOn the 31st of October, Dr. Katharina Oke gave a methodological seminar on the following theme “Working with Newspapers & Reflections on further developing Research Projects: from Master to PhD and Beyond”. The seminar had in attendance, researchers from various background who also shared their experiences on working with/on newspapers. Some also spoke about how they have been able or plan to develop their research work from MA to PhD and Post-doctoral level.

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News of the Socialist Library and Archives (SOLAR) project // Nigerian Heritage Digitisation Programme

Illustration archives 1The French Institute for Research in Africa (IFRA), using The Solidarity Fund for Innovative Projects (FSPI) awarded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is funding a project entitled “Protecting Political activists archives to write another history of Nigeria”. This project, which is a component of the 'Nigerian Heritage Digitisation Programme', aims at digitising important and imperilled archival holdings of Nigeria’s radical and prodemocracy activists to increase accessibility to these materials as well as to preserve them for posterity.

On the 18th of October, a team consisting of Dr. Saeed Husaini of CDD,  Mr. Sola Babalola of IFRA-Nigeria, and Mr. Joseph Ayodokun FSPI project manager visited Baba Omojola's family house to conduct an onsite assessment of the archives.

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Field research internship for 1 Master student in social sciences - INFRAPATRI project

An old ficus tree in front of the Opadere family compound. Oké Dada. Photo Emilie Guitard December 2021. min. min min minThe interdisciplinary project INFRAPATRI aims to study the local knowledges and forms of attachment to urban plants in four sub-Saharan African cities : Yaounde in Cameroon, Ibadan in Nigeria, Porto-Novo in Benin and Dakar in Senegal. Our reflection is based on the notion of "heritage from below", allowing us to understand the relationship of city dwellers to plants in terms of memory and conceptions of the past, rarely recognized by institutional approaches to heritage conservation. Plants in the city, which cover multiple figures and spaces, are in fact used in a variety of ways based on practical or symbolic knowledge. Together, this knowledge and uses are produced by various urban collectives based on family, ethnic identity, religion, neighbourhood, profession or political representation, etc.

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