Methodological Seminar – Katharina Oke

Illustration 1 koOn the 31st of October, Dr. Katharina Oke gave a methodological seminar on the following theme “Working with Newspapers & Reflections on further developing Research Projects: from Master to PhD and Beyond”. The seminar had in attendance, researchers from various background who also shared their experiences on working with/on newspapers. Some also spoke about how they have been able or plan to develop their research work from MA to PhD and Post-doctoral level.

During her seminar Katharina Oke addressed various conceptual and methodological considerations that one must consider working with newspapers as an historian with interdisciplinary aspirations.

Drawing on seminal works succh as Benedict Anderson’s Imagined communities (1983) and Wale Adebanwi’s Nation as Grand Narrative: The Nigerian Press and the Politics of Meaning (2016), Dr. Oke discussed the politics of meaning and the Nigerian press. She also discussed in more detail Yoruba press specifically. A recording of the event is available on IFRA-Nigeria’s Facebook page.

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