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The Architecture of Fear: Urban Design and Construction Response to Urban Violence in Lagos, Nigeria

by Tunde Agbola, 1997

First lines

About a decade ago, on November 4, 1985, the Times International of London reported that crime was prevalent in Nigeria. Lives were no longer safe... he nation was being crippled by an insecurity problem posed by criminals. Prominent Nigerians, whose interests eut across all walks of life, had their lives terminated through gruesome murders. Announcements concerning stolen vehicles were a daily feature on the news. Now, more than ten years later, the situation has become more frightening. Not only is the incidence of violence becoming more frequent, the nature of the crimes, especially armed robbery and murder, have become more heinous. There is daily news of bolder and more sophisticated crimes. Lives and property no longer seem safe anywhere in the country. Both the rich and the poor suffer the same fate, and the whole society appears helpless in the face of urban violence. Everybody seems to live one day at a time in fear of tomorrow. Increasing societal sophistication and modern...

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