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Urban Research in Nigeria

by Adepoju Onibokun and Adetoye Faniran, 1995

First lines

Research Background Nigeria is one of the most urbanized African countries south of the Sahara. Some of Nigeria’s urban centres have a history which dates back to antiquity. Indeed, a great deal of research exists on the urban environment in Nigeria, but it has never been compiled into a comprehensive reference book. The bulk of studies done on the urban environment is in the form of journal articles and university-based theses and dissertations or government reports. As a result, knowledge of the existing research on the urban environment in Nigeria is limited, and many researchers embark on projects only to discover that their research amounts to a duplication of effort. One of the first bibliographies on African urban development was compiled by Richard Stren in 1989, which, although it included some references to Nigeria, did not include anything on the research environment.

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