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Oath taking in Edo Usages and Misappropriations of the Native Justice System (2019)

Oath taking is a predominant mechanism in the native justice system and is believed to be a particularly reliable means to ensuring law and order in Edo ‘traditional religion’.

The native justice system co-exists with the official justice system (courts, police and prisons), but there is a preference for the former among the Edo people.

This paper interrogates the co-existence of the two justice systems (legal pluralism) and traces the historical, socio-religious background of the ritual of oath taking amongst other social practices in Edo state. The paper also furthers understanding on the role of oath taking in the Edo traditional religion; thereby showing the logicality and necessity of its use in sealing human trafficking deals.

This Research is part of the European Project PACKING (Protection of Migrants and Asylum seekers, especially Children and Women coming from Nigeria and victims of trafficking), conducted from 2017 and 2019, both in Nigeria and in France.

Tags: Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Women, Nigeria, Edo State, Oath taking, Justice system, Legal Pluralism

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