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ABDULLAHI Hamisu Shehu, AFOLABI Oko Oyeyemi (2017) The land question and struggle for identity in Sabo, Ibadan

This paper was written as a field report for the Masterclass “Sacred Urbanism: Entrepreneurial Religion, Infrastructure and the New Urbanism in Nigeria” held at the University of Ibadan in June 2017. A team of postgraduate students conducted a day of field research in the area of Sabo Central Mosque in Ibadan. This paper displays their main findings. It crucially analyses the land acquisition process in the neighborhood and the effects of the mosque in shaping the urban environment. It also looks at the spatial negotiation between religious and political elites in the area.

Sabo, land, spatial negotiation, religious space

Tags: Nigeria, Urban Governance, Public Spaces, Religion, Sacred Urbanism, Ibadan, Mosque

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