Roundtable - The resurgence of coups in Africa

WhatsApp Image 2023 10 13 at 16.44.11 1On the 4th October 2023, Dr Barbara Morovich and Dr Delphine Manetta were invited to take part in a round table on "The Resurgence of Coups in Africa" organised by Prof. Irene Pogoson, Department of Political Science, University of Ibadan.

Dr Morovich stressed the importance of speaking from a Nigerian perspective, considering Nigeria’s position in ECOWAS and its geographical situation within West Africa. It is crucial to understand the complexity of the so-called “anti-french” feelings and the importance of the civil societies different positions, both in France and in African countries.

Dr Delphine Manetta discussed the specific case of Burkina Faso, by presenting the political history of the State and of jàana villages. She highlighted in what extent the sudden resurgence of coups is actually a continuation of the complex powers-building process. Yet, to reveal this continuity, the local representations and imaginaries of powers, based on martiality and foreignness, must be taken into account.
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