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Workshop on combining Film and Research in social sciences and humanities - 25-27 August, 2021



In continuation of our programmes on Digital Humanities, IFRA-Nigeria is organizing a workshop on filming for research in social sciences and humanities. The workshop took at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan for three days, from August 25th to 27th. 

 Applications are closed. 


The workshop was organized by Dr Cyrielle Maingraud-Martinaud, and was facilitated by Tobi Akinde, Chrystel Oloukoi and Dr Lucie Revilla. Didi Cheeka was our guest speaker. He is a Nigerian filmmaker and critic. He is the editor of Lagos Film Review, co-founder and curator of Lagos Film Society – an alternative cinema center dedicated to the founding of Nigeria’s first arthouse cinema.

Objectives of the workshop

As IFRA-Nigeria intensifies its engagement towards Digital Humanities, this workshop aims at:

  • bringing together people interested in combining film and research in social sciences and the humanities; 
  • building a network and sparking interest for common  future projects;
  • launching officially and promoting IFRA-Nigeria’s Digital Lab.  

The programme of the workshop will be participative and can evolve according to the  interests of the participants. It will include sessions on the history and theory of filming for research in Nigeria, as well as on the meaning of the use of photography, sound and video for research as well as practical sessions of filming.


The workshop will take place on-site at IFRA-Nigeria (Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan) for the indoor sessions and in the city of Ibadan for the outdoor practical filming sessions.

NB. Considering the participative and technical nature of the workshop, unfortunately there will not be any possibility of attending online. However, the outcome of the workshop will be shared on our web-site.

Targeted Participants

Around 5 to 10 participants were selected to take part in the workshop.
Participants will be expected to present their project and to be proactive in the theoretical discussions as well as technical training during the workshop.
Targeted participants are researchers (postgraduate students, PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers and lecturers) undertaking research involving use of videos or documentary filmmakers with an interest in research in social sciences and humanities. Preference will be given to participants who already have an ongoing video project.

Participants will be required to come with their laptops and camera (if they have one), and to participate in all sessions both theoretical and practical. IFRA-Nigeria will also make available video equipment from its Digital Lab.
A certificate of participation issued by IFRA-Nigeria will be given at the end of the workshop

Tags: digital humanities

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