Methodological seminar – Adejoke R. Adetoro

Photo AdejokeOn the 19th of April 2023, Adejoke R. Adetoro, PhD student in History at the University of Ibadan, presented her methods and her fieldwork to fourteen master and PhD students during a methodological seminar at the university of Ibadan. Adejoke R. Adetoro presented her works that delve into how religious practices shape students’ experience of campus life. Her work contributes to the debate on religious revivalism focusing on the campus of the University of Ibadan, the oldest university of Nigeria. Exploring this topic from 1948, the date of creation of the university as a college of the university of London, to the present day, Adejoke mobilizes a transdisciplinary methodology to capture the multiple aspects of the topic she studies. She presented how she used historical sociology to mobilize sociological concepts such as social organisations and social curriculums within religion. In addition, she works in a team with and anthropologist and a sociologist.


Tags: Religion

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