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Hard Facts and Body Counts: Understanding Violence through the Nigeria Watch Database

NigeriaWatchNigeria Watch project is launching a monthly Online Research Seminar Series: "Hard Facts and Body Counts: Understanding Violence through the Nigeria Watch Database". The series will be the opportunity to analyse data retrieved from Nigeria Watch database, with a specific focus every month.

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What is Nigeria Watch?

Created in 2006, NigeriaWatch is an on-going research project that develops a database to monitor fatal violence and human security in Nigeria. It is hosted by IFRA at the University of Ibadan. In a country where there are few statistics on crime, NigeriaWatch crosschecks various sources of information to give trends of violence. Its indicators rely on a database which quantifies and qualifies homicides and violent deaths, including accidents. Nigeria Watch is updated and used daily. Since 2006, it recorded over 34,000 lethal incidents and 167,000 fatalities.

Nigeria Watch answers four fundamental questions:

  • Is violence rising or decreasing?
  • What are the main causes of fatal violence (criminal, accidental, ethnic, religious, etc.)?
  • What are the risks as measured per homicide rates?
  • What is the mapping of violence?

Full programme of the online research seminar series:

Please note the following change of programme for the last two sessions in August & September.

  • Thu 18th August 2022 at 12pm (WAT, Lagos): "Interrogating the Boko Haram Conflict: Who Kills More?"
  • Thu 15th September 2022 at 12pm (WAT, Lagos): The Shia (Islamic Movement of Nigeria) and Security Forces: An Investigation.


You can find below the recorded videos of the previsous sessions:

Session #1 / Thursday 18th of November, 2021 / "One Year After #ENDSARS: Interrogating the Nigeria Watch Database for Facts and Figures.":


Session #2 / Thursday 16th December, 2021 / "Separatist Movements in the South-East: 16th December 2021 Causes and Trends"


Session #3 / Thursday 20th January, 2022 / "Debunking the Myth of Road Accidents during Ember Months with Facts and Figures from the NigeriaWatch Database"


Session #4 / Thursday 17th February, 2022 / "Mapping the Trends and Trajectories of Ritual Killings in Nigeria":



Session #5 / Thursday 17th March, 2022 / "Investigating Gender-Based Violence in Nigeria: Is there a media bias":


Session #6 / Thursday 21st April, 2022 / "Mapping Herdsmen Clashes in Nigeria: Trends and Trajectories":

 Session #7 / Thursday 19th May, 2022 / "Kidnapping in Nigeria: Trends, Protagonists and Targets.":



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