Trans-Islam Research Project: fieldwork

Trans-Islam Research Project
Transnational flows and changes occurring in the Niger-Nigeria religious space.

The Trans-Islam Research Project, run by IFRA in partnership with Lasdel (Research Laboratory on Social Dynamics and Local Development, in Niamey, Niger Republic) is now entering his third phase: the fieldwork.

After the Presentation meeting that took place in Niamey between 17th and 19th of March 2014, the team members conducted individual documentary research. They met again in Niamey on 1 July 2014, to participate in the methodological workshop, dedicated to the fieldwork preparation.

All the researchers have now started the fieldwork and some of them are currently on the ground, conducting surveys and interviews, both in Niger and Nigeria.


Dr Sounaye Abdoulaye (on the left) and Dr. Mustapha Gwadabe (on the right), discuss along the Niger river.


(From the left to the right) Dr. Adam Higazi, one of staff of the Arabic and Ajami Departement (MARA), Dr Kyari Mohammed and Dr. Rahmane Idrissa, at the Research Institute in Humanities, University of Niamey.


Dr. Sounaye Abdoulaye and Dr. Kyari Mohammed, in Niamey Grand Mosque


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