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IFRA Special Research Issue vol. 2


Biodun Ogunyemi and Kolawole Raheem Perceived Relevance of Human Rights and Peace Education in Post-Military Nigeria

Emmanuel O. Ojo
Mechanisms for Conflict Management in Plural and Divided Societies: the Nigerian Experience

David Uchenna Enweremadu
The struggle against Corruption in Nigeria: the Role of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (ICPC) under the Fourth Republic

Rasheed Olaniyi
Approaching the Study of Yoruba Diaspora in Northern Nigeria in the 20th Century

Ismail Bala Garba
Short Takes on New Nigerian Poetry from the Niger Delta

Ismail Bala Garba
Complexly Intertwined’: Poetry and Politics

Ismail Bala Garba
Historiography and Historicality

Saheed Aderinto
Britain, Leftist Nationalists, and the Transfer of Power in Nigeria, 1945-1965

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