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About IFRA

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                  From left to right: Olaolu Poppola, Abiola Ayodokun, Vitus Ukoji, Emeka Eonwuegbuzia, Ajade Chika Kennedy, Aichat Omobolawa,  Bernard Caron, Emilie Guitard, Elodie Apard,  Abosede Davis, Rachel Fabunmi,  Adejoke Adetoro, Patrick Babalola, Adedeji Adebayo, Victor Eze, Clémentine Chazal.

IFRA-Nigeria is one the 27 Public Research Institutes under the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs based overseas. It was set up to promote research in the social sciences and the humanities, as well as enhance collaborative work between scholars in France and West Africa. First established in 1990, the Institute is operating from the University of Ibadan (Institute of African Studies).

IFRA-Nigeria promotes excellent, pertinent and cutting-edge ’Made in Nigeria’ research in Social Sciences and the Humanities at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. IFRA-Nigeria fosters field research and international collaborative research projects. It also runs a residency program and is currently developing its capacity to provide accommodation to scholars.

IFRA’s mandate includes subsidizing research programs, granting research allowances to academics and scholars, publishing research results, holding workshops, seminars and symposia. The Institute also runs a library, a media database, and publishes a newsletter.

Over the past few years, the research orientation of IFRA has revolved around problems of democratic transition, urban violence, restructuring of educational systems in Africa, transborder studies, religious networks, urban management and the politics of violence. However, a large sample of disciplines has also been represented, ranging from history to musicology, economics, linguistics, archaeology, etc.

IFRA-Nigeria is jointly funded by the French Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs as well as the French Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). IFRA-Nigeria also actively searches for additional funding to sustain its research activities. Together with IFRA-Nairobi, IFRA-Nigeria is part of the UMIFRE 24, and forms the USR 3336 of CNRS.

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